Flexi-Board SLIM


The "SILICON-BASED", Flexi-Board Slim is portable and can easily be rolled up for convenience. Because the keypad is covered with a flexible silicon, it will never lose its shape. Flexi-Board Slim features a unique combination of durability, comfortable feel, "SILENT-TYPING", and "WATER-PROOF". The "FLAT-OUT" design eliminates wrist stress. Flexi-Board Slim is designed based on the key layout of existing keyboards. The control box is transferred from right to left side. By pressing the "NUMLOCK KEY", Flexi-Board Slim can use the keypad function


  • Layout : 91 Key
  • Switch Life : 1 million life cycle
  • Electronic date : + 5VDC 5% @250mA
  • Dimensions(mm) : 355 128 10
  • Weight(Kg) : 0.3
  • Total travel : 2mm 0.3
  • Compatibility : PS2 , USB


  • Made with silicon, harmless to humans.
  • Space-saving and portable.
  • Waterproof and impervious to coffee, milk & cleaning solutions.
  • Resistant to mildew and dust.
  • Eliminates wrist stress by the "FLAT-OUT" design.
  • Slide-proof and resistant to physical impact, preventing breakage and damage.
  • Offers various colors and a unique subminiature design.
  • Keypad function can used by pressing the NUMLOCK key.
  • Pageup, pagedown, home, and end keys can be used by pressing the Fn key.

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